SkyFort offers security measures such as encryption of stored data, remote data wipe for lost devices, and the ability to securely transfer data over a secure medium directly to the cloud. SkyFort has compliance specialists on staff to ensure your implementation is done right, and we provide full compliance audits and monitoring. SkyFort services are offered via our Canadian cloud platform, on-premise equipment, and hybrid cloud models.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

DVR Offsite Backup
  • Secure your information (PIPEDA compliant)
  • Keep current hardware (economical)
  • Keep own copy data with or without internet connection
  • Access data from anywhere with internet connection
  • Backup in cloud for in case of onsite disaster, theft, fire, etc. (“who done it?”) All data through PIPEDA secure interface
  • Save money by allowing less security breaches
  • An Insurance policy - peace of mind. Can store far more video in cloud than local averages, customizable from weeks to Infinite
Cloud Recording/Storage
  • Less costly startup, only cameras needed for hardware
  • Infinite recording retention
  • Secure camera access
  • All video over our secure interface no need to change or modify router in any way
  • Can be integrated with 3rd party ie; video surveillance
  • You worry about the surveying; we’ll worry about the storage
Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Virtual Machines Artifical Intelligence/Machine Learning Ready – SkyFort's custom tailored hosting solutions are geared specifically for AI/ML projects. The potential applications include video analytics (facial recognition/license plate recognition/people counting), healthcare (data analysis/image processing), retail/service industry (predictive marketing analysis, automated customer service/human resource automation), law enforcement (crime trend analysis, predictive resource planning).
Other Technical Details
  • Canadian Hosted ensuring privacy compliance
  • Self-administered through the web or managed by SkyFort
  • Ability to grow or shrink the resources as needed
  • Shared and dedicated NVIDA GPU hosting built with Maxwell/Pascal/Volta architectures
  • Support for existing Machine Learning frameworks including Caffe, TensorFlow, OpenCV, PyTorch, and Theano
  • RDMA Infiniband Network enabling NVIDIA GPUDirect communication between nodes multi-Petabyte clustered storage array ensuring high speed data access while maintaining redundancy
  • Please call for a quote
Web/Mobile Application Hosting
  • Flexible hosting for all types of web applications
  • Both Linux and Windows web hosting available
  • Load balancing to improve site redundancy
  • Custom built solution to fit the needs of the application
  • Call for quote
Disaster Recovery
  • Offsite backup ensuring data available in the event of a disaster
  • Replicated copy of on-site systems in the cloud
  • Automatic failover in the event of systems failure
  • Primary site can be switched between cloud and on-site as needed
  • Cloud can be used to provide additional horsepower when on-site systems can’t keep up
  • Secure network connection between sites
  • Canadian hosted
  • Privacy compliance
Cloud Storage/File Sync

You don't need to compromise the integrity of your organization's security and infrastructure.
Cloud sharing is still relatively new to many organizations. Managers trying to solve organizational data issues in the past have had little option but to use mass-market public file sharing solutions. These solutions paved the way for convenience, but lacked the data security and corporate control.

With SkyFort, you are in control.

Gain the benefit of complete file synchronization across your organization with these features:

  • Privacy Compliant Storage completely hosted on Canadian Soil
  • Secure web access from any device, anywhere (desktop and mobile)
  • Collaborate, edit, view office documents
  • Automatic history and retrieval of documents
  • Role-based access control with guest share
  • Password protection of files
  • At rest and in-transit encryption of files
  • Migration from existing file sync services
  • Directory integration for single sign-on (SSO)
Reseller Program

Reseller Program

Gives customer's Peace of Mind, which can result in more sales
Canadian PIPEDA Privacy Compliance
Value added for your customers
Another option without having to host
Recurring monthly Revenue
Call us now for details

Big Data Storage

Get access to our multi-petabyte storage array
Provide customers off-site storage for backups, video surveillance, databases, large data
Partitioning between tenants ensures privacy of data
PIPEDA and GDPR compliant



Our Proprietary hardware is able to stream data to cloud and reduce security breaches to clients’ in-house systems. Offsite DVR backup provides new option to allow customers to backup existing video equipment. Ability to add a recurring revenue model to their business without the expense of setting up their own solution.



Allow managed service providers to earn residual income on cloud based services
Canadian hosted ensures customers are compliant with Canadian privacy laws
Self managed services allows seller to grow or shrink services as needed
Privacy/Security (Canadian Privacy Laws part on existing site)